Case Study

A major HealthCare provider engaged Pointel to develop a collections voice self-service solution to interact efficiently and effectively with their customers about past due amounts. Pointel's voice self-service solution helped to lower operational costs, increase efficiency and collect more dollars. This solution also freed up agents to work on more accounts and in turn collects more dollars.

Business Challenge

Collection Organizations within enterprises and collection agencies are constantly under pressure to collect more with less staff. In this case, the HealthCare Provider was looking at ways to improve operational efficiency of the collection contact center and enable agents to work on more accounts. On Analysis, the following business challenges were identified

  • Agents spend about 25 to 40 seconds leaving messages on customer's answering machine
  • Customers did not have 24x7 accesses to the collection systems. Customers were forced to call during business hours
  • A significant number of the inbound calls were from customers whose accounts were closed for various business reasons
  • Agents spent a good percentage of the talk-time validating the customer information for HIPPA regulations

Pointel’s Solution

Pointel with its many years of experience in implementing contact center solutions built a voice self-service solution that addressed all the above business challenges. The solution was built to leverage the existing legacy collections system. Since the legacy system was leveraged to build the solution, all the existing business rules were preserved. This solution was scalable to add additional voice self-service applications with zero impact to the existing applications and infrastructure

"Pointel has been the only vendor who has met and exceeded our expectations. They delivered exactly what we wanted and what they promised to deliver. Pointel's solution enabled us to get ROI sooner than our original estimation. The project was delivered on time, on budget."

Key Features

  • Intuitive, User-friendly and easy to use self-service solution
  • Automatically left personalized messages on customer's answering machine. This freed up agent to work on live customer and collect more dollars
  • Savings on this feature alone was estimated to be over 3 FTE per year
  • Solution was built on standard java based tools to leverage existing web and legacy infrastructure
  • Solution supported multiple languages (English and Spanish)
  • Solution automated HIPPA verification and enabling agents to focus on collection. This also reduced the average handle time
  • Closed accounts were handled automatically through self-service
  • The following were some of the highlights of the self-service solution
    • Ability to listen to account balance, next installment due date and hospital visit details
    • Ability to pay the balance by credit card
    • Ability to pay the balance by check
    • Ability to promise payment
    • Ability to get mailing address
  • Survey revealed that customers were more comfortable using self service for making payment through credit card and check
  • Ability to transfer the caller information with the call, so that the agent has all the information before him to handle the call most efficiently
  • Ability to see detailed reports by division, date and individual activity
  • Robust architecture to leverage existing infrastructure and guarantee maximum high availability
  • Flexible application design to handle exceptions and route the call to most appropriate agent
  • Ability to audit self-service activities for each call

Flexible Customer Access

Customers were able to access the system 24x7 from anywhere and at anytime. The number of calls answered by self-service during non-business hours resulted in decrease of incoming calls during the business hours. This directly improved agent's productivity by enabling them to work on more accounts during peak collection times.

Reduced Operational Expenses

  • Reduced transaction costs by leveraging self-service to provide customers ability to listen and make payments. 30% of the incoming calls were completed in the self-service system to the satisfaction of the customer
  • Reduced average handle time by doing HIPPA verification on the self-service system
  • Reduced service times by routing the call intelligently to the most informed agent
  • Improved operational efficiency by automatically playing a customized message on the customer's answering machine
  • Improved efficiency by filtering the calls. Closed accounts and informational calls (Like mailing address, due date & due amount) are automatically handled by the system

Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • Increased customer satisfaction by processing payment using the highest level of security
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by transferring the call with the data entered into the system, so that caller does not have to repeat all the information