How Pointel can boost your Contact Center Platform Performance!!!

With our strong knowledge in contact center practice, we enhance the contact center functionality in providing value added tools developed using various platform SDK's to ultra modernize the call center environment. This would probably help the supervisor and business level users to value the greater business agility and deal with overall customer experience efficiently. Some of our products are:


Dynamic Contact Center Manager (DCCM) is a simple to use business user-level interface application designed exclusively for the contact center managers / supervisors. This utility facilitates role based access to the objects & manages configuration server objects like agent skill, capacity rule, and holiday hours dynamically. It can also perform skill changes & accumulate changes deliberately.

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CMS (configuration management solutions) utility is a tailored Genesys contact center Configuration manager interface which gives the ease of accessibility to any functional/management entity. Starting from enhancing the overall performance of your business via graphical user interface and stay competitive in this ever-changing marketplace, CMS focuses widely on Dynamic Configuration Change Management and audit process which save man hours, can be used to compare configuration between different regions (for example, development and staging) to identify discrepancies swiftly and finally to conclude this facilitates over agent without login IDs, places without DNs, fetches the last login date for each agent, has the ability to disable inactive agents, as well provides detailed license usage report.

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Outstrip your customer expectations through our unified enterprise customer interaction management application "Agent Interaction Desktop (AID)" that provides seamless interactions with the customer through various media channels like voice, chat, email and social media. You can easily configure and manage the CRM that enhances your agent productivity, customer satisfactions. Our highly visual graphical user interface design simplifies customization and maintains your customer interactions.

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Agents can save their significant time on resolving the customer expectations effectively through our unified enterprise application "SoftPhone". SoftPhone allows you to easily manage your customer interactions as the customer information pop-ups on the desktop screen. SoftPhone is the web-based application that provides contact center agent's status information like login, ready, not ready, logout and exit. Simply deploy the application and experience the standard SoftPhone features that enhance your customer and agent experience.

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Pointel Survey

Recognizing your customer satisfaction is the key factor to success in any type of business. The best way to understand your customers is to conduct a survey. We offer a user friendly, web-based application "Pointel Survey" that enables you to develop, distribute, collect and analyze survey responses. Through this Analysis, you can evaluate the net promoter score (NPS) and consumer behavior captured with highly valuable information towards organization growth. Pointel survey application helps businesses to gain the competitive edge through customer experience surveys and increased product quality. You can develop the survey for various media channels such as Voice, Email and SMS.

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