Unified messaging tool to improve agent productivity

Agents can save their significant time on resolving the customer expectations effectively through our unified enterprise application "SoftPhone". SoftPhone allows you to easily manage your customer interactions as the customer information pop-ups on the desktop screen. SoftPhone is the web-based application that provides contact center agent’s status information like login, ready, not ready, logout and exit. Simply deploy the application and experience the standard SoftPhone features that enhance your customer and agent experience.

Key Features

Interactive Real time information display

The pointel SoftPhone pop-ups information of customer on the Agents desktops in real-time. Users can able to set their status Ready/Not-Ready with reason codes. Reason codes are customizable based on the user needs.

Simple and easy to use

The simple GUI contains interactive display with soft buttons that makes easy accessibility that you expect from your desk phone, which ends with providing less training to agents that saves time and money

Third party interaction

Easy integration with CRM packages that provide flexible, comprehensive solutions to understand your customers ensuring right solutions were delivered at the right time. Unique agent desktop with adaptable and customizable features enables to meet your business needs

Multi-channel capability

Agent can able to handle interactions with customers through various channels like Voice, Email, and Chat.

Key Benefits

Scalable and Reliable solutions to customers that enhance business goals
HASSLE free, deployment and maintenance
Minimum training required for agents that save time and money
Reduce manual work with integrated third party applications
Maximize Agent productivity with auto answer feature



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