Ability to navigate through a customer interaction management

CRM Design, Implementation and Support

Pointel offers tailored CRM solution to meet customer business needs and determines how CRM is integrated with contact center functions which will enable organizations to achieve enhanced customer experience.

People who understand your Industry and processes

Large and small scale business segments are fascinated to utilize the SAAS CRM deployments for their customer service and call center environment. Thus, it is essential to integrate CTI application for personalized caller experience.

Even if you have a standard or proprietary CRM solution, it's always tricky to find a product that integrates with your businesses. Over the years, Pointel was able to integrate with 500+ back office applications to provide unified contact center suite and this helped to understand the true costs of customization.

During the journey, Pointel developed pre-packaged CTI adapters for major CRMs (e.g.: Salesforce) to integrate with Genesys Contact Center platform

Classify the possibilities

Pointel will make lawful business cases to yield greater business efficiencies and save cost. We work with customer to assess business context and tailor their needs viz staged ROI - based agreement.