Choose a right contact center that suite your needs?

Enhance your customer service with best-in-class contact center software

Predict your ROI before selecting a contact center platform, scale up, and bring in new business processes based on market trends. Based on your client requirements, you may have to select a right deployment model (Premise, Cloud or Hosted Solutions).

Today's customer service is rated by Net Promoter Score (NPS) to value their customer satisfaction ratings. Whether it is small, medium or enterprise level customers; customer retention and improving the customer experience are crucial.

Contact center solutions for a better customer experience management

Pointel directs the customer to select the right solution and determine their ROI accordingly. Pointel has successfully implemented end to end contact center solution such as

  • Inbound Contact Centre Solution
  • Dialer Integration
  • Omni-Channel Integration
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Outbound Contact Centre Solution
  • IVR Hosting and Development
  • Call Routing (Menu-Driven, Complex business call flows)
  • Mobile Self-Service
  • Real-time Analytics

Selecting the right service provider for your contact center environment with prior business fundamentals is essential. Pointel has provided complex solution which dealt with .

  • Sales, Marketing, and Telemarketing
  • Outsourcers
  • Customer Service
  • Collections